The Tony Awards will be held June 11, 2023, at the United Palace.

The cutoff for shows’ eligibility is April 27 and nominations will be announced on May 2. The information below about eligibility comes from Sometimes seasons go by without any truly perplexing questions for the Tony Award Administration Committee. This will not be one of those seasons.

As I wrote last month, there are close calls on what will be considered a new play versus a revival and now thrown into the mix is the play or musical decision involving Room. How Tony eligibility works is it starts with a letter from the production. A lead producer submits a letter regarding the producer’s position on categorization–that includes play versus musical and if the production believes anyone should be categorized differently than their opening night title billing would indicate.

The producer also submits answers to a questionnaire regarding original or replicated elements. The Administration Committee does the rest. What the production requests is not public, but sometimes leaks out. Therefore, we know the 24-member committee does not always follow producer requests. For example, Scott Rudin pushed hard for Shuffle Along to be considered a revival, but it was ruled eligible in the new musical category