It began when Roy Close and I decided to write a play. No lofty ambitions for it; we simply had an idea — a universal one, as it turned out. A Brief Crack of Light (previously titled Exit Strategy) has been produced here [Minneapolis] and in Los Angeles to great acclaim, excellent reviews, and standing ovations. We were quite pleased with its success and assumed that was the end of it. But then we were approached by three major entertainment figures who wanted to bring the play to Broadway: Susan Smith, a legendary agent and talent manager at Creative Artists; Scott Landis, a prominent New York producer; and Colin Callender of London, one of the producers of Downton Abbey. The three of them optioned Exit Strategy for New York, the West End, and a feature film. Unfortunately Susan, the primary driver, died in the middle of the option.

But, we began to think we might actually have something and started assembling an experienced Broadway production team that included a set designer who has won 13 Tony Awards and an attorney who has been named Broadway lawyer of the year six times. Our internationally renowned director, Sir Michael Lindsay-Hogg, calls A Brief Crack of Light the best three-character play since Agnes of God, which he directed on Broadway in 1982. We will be working with a brilliant casting director, Pat McCorkle, who anticipates that we’ll have great interest. We believe we have everything in place and await only the rest of the funding to be on our way.

Minneapolis to Broadway. It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? 



P.S. My purpose here is to intrigue you to the point of joining me  to advance what has become a truly thrilling adventure in the vast show business world.