Reviews of the play A Brief Crack of Light

(previous title Exit Strategy)

Below are several reviews of the play A Brief Crack of Light by Bill Semans and Roy Close at the Garry Marshall Theatre (former Falcon Theatre) in Los Angeles and the Mixed Blood Theatre in Minneapolis.

Review of A Brief Crack of Light
Los Angeles Artsbeat By Pauline Adamek

"Scene“Well-directed and beautifully performed, A Brief Crack of Light is a highly enjoyable night at the theater.

Bill Semans and Roy M. Close’s play, A Brief Crack of Light, is a real treat. In this delightful story, a pair of senior citizens learn you’re never too old for an exciting adventure. The lights come up on a shabby lounge area of an old rooming house. This is the Penley Hotel, an old residence that caters to elderly people on fixed incomes…When Mae shows James a notice she’s just received, stating that their building is scheduled for demolition, you can see their spirits crumple as if all their breath has been kicked out of them. The pair of pensioners find themselves facing imminent eviction and an uncertain future.

Enter Alex, a younger man on a mission…to reclaim a valuable item that was stolen from his family years ago. He needs their help in order to get it back, but what he wants to ask of them is not entirely legal…Together, they are completely convincing as pensioners who concoct a scheme intended to right an old wrong.”