Investment Summary for Broadway Play
A Brief Crack of Light,

(previous title Exit Strategy)

The inaugural Broadway production of a play destined to become a classic.

The summary below highlights the various aspects involved in bringing a show to Broadway: the play’s synopsis, the Broadway creative team, and the play’s producers. Next, you’re introduced to why invest in a Broadway show with its benefits.  And finally, the estimated Broadway show budget for A Brief Crack of Light, (previous title Exit Strategy), its potential return, and how to participate in this exciting venture.

Synopsis of the play A Brief Crack of Light

A Brief Crack of Light is the story of two elderly residents of a down-at-the-heels old rooming house about to be demolished. They live day-to-day on social security and faded dreams. Then a mysterious stranger enters and gives them the opportunity to be more than they thought they could be. Can they be brave and a bit larcenous?

As the play opens, the owners of the Penley rooming house where Mae and James live decide to tear the place down and they’ll be out on the street in 31 days. The two sparring friends don’t know where they’ll be able to live with their meager income. The loss of the Penley is a reminder that James’s and Mae’s options are shrinking in number and time is running out.

Mae is the live-in caretaker and James the sole remaining tenant—a former actor and professor who resigned amid scandal. These two characters know how to push one another’s buttons and do so repeatedly. Though James is gay and Mae straight, the connection between the two shows how important the relationship is in both their lives.

When all seems like it’s lost, a stranger comes to rent a room. Alex, an ex-con, asks for their help to recover his family’s heirloom—or is common theft? Regardless, it’s an opportunity for Mae and James to experience an adventure. They have misgivings, but, at the same time, they’re tempted.

More than a caper play, A Brief Crack of Light looks at the later stage of life with gusto. The play is awash with memorable lines—funny, bawdy, wistful, philosophical. Theater goers of all ages can enjoy the turn of fate for Mae and James.

These messages resonated with the audiences of the previous A Brief Crack of Light productions. The play ran at the Mixed Blood Theatre in Minneapolis in 2008 and at the Los Angeles Garry Marshall Theatre (previously named Falcon Theatre) in 2009, co-produced by Hollywood’s Garry Marshall and Michael Laskin. Both productions drew rave reviews and full houses. A reviewer in Minneapolis said it was “roguish fun and a groundbreaking comedy.” Likewise, in Los Angeles, a reviewer called it “a real treat, a delightful story, an inspiring drama, highly enjoyable.”

The Creative Team

    A Brief Crack of Light playwright Bill Semans has recruited an A team of Broadway professionals.

    The creative team for A Brief Crack of Light has decades of experience.

    ♦Director – Sir Michael Lindsay-Hogg’s Broadway credits include: The Normal Heart, Agnes of God (2 years on Broadway and Best Actress Tony), and  Whose Life is It Anyway, for which he received a Tony nomination. He recently received a British music video pioneer award—he directed the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, The Who, and Simon and Garfunkel. Lindsay-Hogg also provided 60 hours of Beatles’s footage for Peter Jackson’s documentary, The Beatles: Get Back.

    ♦General Manager Martin Platt is integral to the Broadway prodution of A Brief Crack of Light. He has been a Director, Producer, and General Manager in the U.S., U.K., and Europe for over forty years. He was the founding Artistic Director of the Alabama Shakespeare Festival, General Director of Birmingham Opera Theatre, and founding Artistic Director of Santa Fe Stages, an international Arts Festival. Platt’s career as a Producer and General Manager began in 1991, as co-director of Fifth Amendment Ltd, a UK based producing company. During 10 years with 5A, he produced over 50 theatre and dance productions, in London’s West End and on tour in the UK, Europe, and U.S.

    His most recent West End production was the Olivier-nominated Lend Me A Tenor The Musical. On Broadway he produced Dames At Sea and the Tony Award winning play, Vanya And Sonia And Masha And Spike in 2013-14. Platt’s New York productions have included Ed Dixon’s Georgie, and the multi Off-Broadway award-winning productions of In The Continuum and An Oak Tree.

    ♦Casting Director – Pat McCorkle has cast over 50 Broadway shows, including Driving Miss Daisy, The Glass Menagerie, Amadeus, and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. She also casts for TV and film and has 18 Artios casting nominations. McCorkle calls A Brief Crack of Light “a caper play,” one with “huge audience potential.”

    ♦Attorney – Jean Ward, 6-time entertainment lawyer of the year, New York City. She is one of New York’s best-known theatre lawyers, with over 20 years experience representing producers, authors, music publishers and other rights holders, theatre owners, creative personnel, and investors.

    Playwrights Bill Semans and Roy Close
    wrote and produced
    A Brief Crack of Light to critical acclaim:

    • Bill Semans founded the Tony-nominated Cricket Theater and has produced over 90 plays. He also wrote, co-produced and directed the feature film, Herman USA. Semans also produced the award-winning World War II documentary series, The American Hero and Fighter Aces of World War II.
    • Roy Close, in addition to being a playwright, was theater and music critic for the Minneapolis Star and St. Paul Pioneer Press newspapers and is a retired director of Artspace.

    Meet Your Walking Path Entertainment Producers

    • Bill Semans has a distinguished career as a playwright, director, and theatre executive and development director. He is co-author of A Brief Crack of Light. The WWII films that he and Jeff Hohman produced are available on 8 streaming channels and also distributed internationally.
    • Jeff Hohman was co-producer of the feature film, Herman USA, which was released theatrically and on television as well being distributed in more than 30 countries. He is also the co-producer of the World War II documentary series, The American Hero, recipient of eleven major national documentary film awards, including two Telly Awards as Best Documentary Film of the Year.
    • Chris Spencer is a producer for A Brief Crack of Light.She’s an Executive Producer of the TV pilot Department of One. Spencer is also an investor in the new Museum of Broadway and the Ohio State Murders starring Audra McDonald. She retired from Morgan Stanley as a Vice-President, Investments, and CFP. During her 27 years there, Spencer also taught continuing education in finance and was a newspaper investment columnist. She ran Art Workshop International, a summer program for artists, writers, and playwrights in Assisi, Italy, for 9 years.

    If you’ve never invested in Broadway before, here’s some of the benefits for A Brief Crack of Light Investors

    There’s complimentary Opening Night and Preview tickets, and party invitations for investors.

    ♦ You’ll meet the cast, director, playwrights, set designer, and the creative team.

    In addition,you will have exclusive invitations to “Company Only” events. With the caliber of our actors, you might even join them at a Tony Awards ceremony.

    Investors are invited to attend certain rehearsals and tour the theatre backstage.

    ♦ You may purchase Special VIP house seats (house best) at regular box office prices. 

    Special discounted tickets for family and friends may be available.

    Co-producers and associate producers have their name and biography in the Playbill.

    ♦ Your investment has the potential to provide 18 years of royalties from national and international productions for A Brief Crack of Light.

    ♦ You’ll be updated on the show’s status and financials.

    ♦ In addition:

    ♦ You’ll enjoy the fun and excitement being a Broadway insider.
    ♦ You can be proud that you were part of bringing this creative project to the world. The positive messages of this play will entertain thousands of theater lovers.

    Budget & Investment Summary

    Two phases of Investment—Front Money & Production

    Front money to jump-start the production and contract Broadway professionals is closed. We are now in the second phase—production funding, which includes contracts from celebrity actors and a theatre and need to raise at least:

    Estimated production budget:     $3,237,716                           Contingency:     $500,000

       Total:          $3,737,716

    ♦ Partner producers receive their entire investment back before Walking Path Entertainment LLC, our production company, shares in any profits.

    ♦ After their initial investment is recouped, investors share, based on their percentage, 50% of the net running profits.

    ♦ It’s estimated that A Brief Crack of Light would breakeven on a $3.8 million budget in 9 weeks (based on $110 ticket price and a 1040-seat theater) with full attendance. Broadway audience attendance has started to return after the COVID pandemic, but there’s no future guarantee that attendance will return to pre-pandemic levels.

    If a star’s contract is at least 16 weeks (including 3 preview weeks), we would anticipate being profitable before any cast changes.

    ♦ After recoupment, when investors get their principal returned investors would anticipate an investment return that increases the longer the play runs.

    Earnings After Broadway

    • After the A Brief Crack of Light script is published, investors collect residuals on any production of A Brief Crack of Light for 18 years. With a timeless message, only 3 actors and one set, it’s expected to be popular with theaters at all levels, which would generate ongoing copyrighted royalties, even after investors’ principal is returned.
    • In addition, our Broadway investors receive right of first refusal for additional investment in future productions of A Brief Crack of Light by Walking Path Entertainment, e.g., if there’s a future production on the West End of London.

    How To Invest in A Brief Crack of Light

    ♦ . Each investment unit is $25,000 and investors may own multiple units.

    Also, there are additional financial benefits for major investments, starting at $150,000.

    ♦  Next, after you express interest, the producers will meet with you and share all pertinent financial and production information.

    The producers expect only one round of financing for Broadway.

    NOTE: This summary is hypothetical, not an actual A Brief Crack of Light example. This does not constitute an offer for or advice regarding the sale, purchase, or transfer or securities; but rather is for general information purposes only. Any offering or related information regarding financial participation in a specific theatrical production can be made only in accordance with offering documents prepared and distributed in accordance with applicable Federal, New York and other state and local laws and regulations. Investors must qualify as accredited or as a sophisticated investor. Broadway is a speculative investment with a high degree of risk. Accordingly, it’s suitable only for persons who can afford a total loss of their investment.