An excerpt from an interview of Executive Vice President Nick Scandalios of the Nederlander Organization, which owns nine Broadway theaters*
” Is there anything in particular that you’re drawn to when scouting new projects?”
“I think it’s always about finding another voice and not imitating something that was recently successful, which is enormously difficult to avoid!  Broadway…moves and evolves like an amoeba rather than a distinct line because imitation is ineffective and uninteresting.  As I examine the major productions on Broadway right now, I start to see the overall trend that audiences are attracted to work that makes them feel.  Between today’s political climate and the abundance of electronic devices and social media, individuals of all demographics are suffering from isolation. The theater is more and more a respite.  I think people come to shows to both release and to feel, which is in many ways enabling more challenging content to be produced than ever before.  People are hungry for connection.”

*From the Commercial Theater Institute blog